NetEnt Live Casino

After craving for a bridging of the gap between brick-and-mortar and online casinos, the internet casinos responded by rolling out the so-called live casino product. Live casinos make it possible for casino enthusiasts to tune to live video streaming from physical casino studios, where human dealers perform actions. And while NetEnt was not among the first providers to offer the concept of live gaming, the company joined the bandwagon in 2013 in what looked like a commitment to doing things differently. So far, NetEnt’s ground-breaking live casino has proved to be a big hit, a testament to the fact that the said gap has indeed been significantly narrowed.


NetEnt Live Casino Review

With NetEnt putting players at the centre of their creations – not to mention the provider’s commitment to innovation – one would not struggle to understand why NetEnt live casino has been hugely successful in the business. The company understands what players want and what they don’t want, and they act on their (players’) desires to come up with products that ensure the best gambling experience. And this approach has been the case for as long as NetEnt has been in existence.

auto-roulette-2In offering live casino gaming, NetEnt uses high-definition video streaming, which ensures that only clear and high-quality images are streamed to players. There is also what is known as Green Screen technology, which provides a super neat interface. This technology substitutes for physical live casino rooms, and it works by superimposing the human dealers on a virtual background. In so doing, it allows for a wide range of backdrops, making it possible for the software to promote branding. Thus, NetEnt live casino players can expect to find different visuals and backgrounds at different online casinos where NetEnt live casino is available. That is actually a good thing, considering the fact that people may not be particularly interested in the same old visuals.

Once a player gets started with NetEnt live casino, the name of the human dealer will appear on the screen, usually at the top right. Typically, NetEnt live casino dealers manage the game from behind a green or red felt, just to ensure the sitting does not interfere with the gameplay. It doesn’t matter which live table a player chooses, they are allowed to chat with the dealer on that particular table. It is also possible for players to play at multiple tables, and they can switch from one table to another and back, without having to quit any one of them. With some live casino providers not able to allow players this freedom, NetEnt earns a big round of applause in this respect. Of course, NetEnt live casino is also designed to work smoothly on mobile devices.

Highly Professional Live Dealers

nbc-2Looking at the conduct of the NetEnt live dealers, it looks like the provider uses highly effective filters in the hiring of these individuals. The dealers here are not only polite, but also highly professional in everything they do, right from communication and chatting to dealing cards, shuffling cards, and the stuff like that. Their black or red outfit speaks volumes about them, and there are times when they wear a suit just to match the theme in question. And while these dealers are human beings, players will rarely see them yawning or showing any signs of boredom, which means they do their work with passion. The dealer will always mention the player’s name when welcoming them on the table, and players receive good-luck wishes from the dealers at the beginning of each round. In terms of gender, there is a proper mix, with almost 50/50 balance.

NetEnt handpicks live dealers from various different backgrounds to ensure that as many players as possible are covered. While speaking English is the norm, live gaming is also offered in at least tens of other languages; thus, players will most likely find a dealer that speaks the language they understand. These languages, among others, include Norwegian, Dutch, German, and Italian.

NetEnt Live Casino Games

While NetEnt’s collection of live dealer games is still a work in progress, what is great about this provider is that it offers what it can to almost perfection. And yes, this perfection is not something to be found in every live gaming provider. It is such an elusive thing, which even the industry giants struggle to achieve. Primarily, NetEnts live casino focuses on blackjack and roulette. What is significant are the various different variants of these games.


Live blackjack: A lot of resources have been channelled into developing NetEnt’s live blackjack to ensure that the game is pleasing to players. The game’s streaming quality is unmatched, and it offers a wide range of betting limits, ensuring that players don’t miss where to enjoy the action. The available live blackjack formats to expect include Perfect Blackjack, 7 Seat Blackjack, and Blitz Blackjack. These games may be slightly different, but the basic rules are the same; thus, there is nothing too difficult to master here.

Live roulette: Live roulette is one of the hotcakes in the live casino gaming realm, and it is not by accident that the game is one of NetEnt’s primary focuses. In offering this product, NetEnt does things a little bit differently. First of all, the game is a visual delight, thanks to its unrivalled streaming quality. Players are allowed to switch between portrait and landscape views, and it is possible to bet while the wheel is spinning, just as it happens in brick-and-mortar establishments. NetEnt live roulette comes in the following variants:

  • Automatic Roulette.
  • Themed European Roulette.
  • European Roulette.


NetEnt earns high marks when it comes to the quality of its live casino. Yes, everything seems to work as expected of the best live casino. The interface is neat and user-friendly, the live dealers are likeable and professional, and the betting limits are exceptionally generous. While the game selection is still limited in comparison with other providers, the creativity and innovation that goes into producing the available games is unmatched. Who knows whether more surprises are cooking in the provider’s kitchen?