NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot

For every Spanish conqueror who set foot on Latin America’s soil, discovering Eldorado was a much sought-after thing, and Gonzalo Pizarro was no different. Having made attempts to find this mystical city, it is no surprise that NetEnt, in its own wisdom, decided to dedicate one of its cash cows, Gonzo’s Quest, to this man.


What Is Gonzo’s Quest?

NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot is a 20-pay line, five-reel slot, which takes slots maniacs to the Amazon jungles where they are required to assist in Gonzo’s search for the city. While this task is not easy, the efforts involved in helping Gonzo to locate Eldorado may pay off handsomely, if they decide to, giving the game a rewarding touch. Embedding super innovative features, a thrilling gameplay, cutting-edge three-dimensional animations, and compelling graphics, Gonzo’s Quest has all the qualities of a great slot game. It is little wonder this game is one of the most popular classics ever produced by NetEnt.

In NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot, there is nothing like spinning reels. Instead, there is what is known as the avalanche feature, which is meant to replace the spinning reels. A high return to player, combined with bonus spins and increasing multipliers, makes the game not only entertaining but also lucrative.

Gonzo’s Quest Symbols

gqWith an interesting theme inspired by the history of South America’s exploration and conquest by Spanish conquistadors, NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot seems to know what excites players most. To best capture this theme, the provider uses the so-called Mayan-inspired symbols. From the lowest paying symbols (animal carvings) to the highest paying symbols (faces or masks), the game has them all. The biggest win comes when players line up five of the gold and blue masks. The wild symbol inherent in this game is good news for every player as its appearance means a big win.

Bonus Features

As already mentioned, NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot comes with avalanche reels. These reels are special in the sense that they work by falling down from the sky rather than spinning. Once a player hits a winning symbol combination, the symbols will create room for the appearance of new symbols by exploding. And each successive individual win triggers an increase in the win multiplier.

Gonzo’s Quest free fall is perhaps the players’ favourite bonus feature, which is, ideally, bonus spins rounds. The bonus is awarded when three free fall symbols (gold scatters) occur successively, from the reel on the far left, of course. Forming a winning combination with this bonus results in extra bonus spins, which can lead to an even higher multiplier.

Audio Effects

Even the best slots can get it wrong when it comes to a soundtrack. Rather than have standard boring tunes, NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot opts for a subtle approach, where chirping insects and tweeting birds engross players so deeply into Amazon jungles. Each spin is accompanied with an audio that mimics falling rocks, while rock explosions accompanied with guitar music signify a win. If a player hits wins in succession, the soundtrack will play with even more intensity, as if to give the success a befitting announcement. The panpipe tones play rarely, and when they do, it is a sign that the lucrative free fall feature has just arrived.

Animations and Graphics

While the game’s age could be nearing a decade, its animations and graphics have remained timeless. First of all, the slot’s main character is something of a quirky figure. As the action unfolds, the character (Gonzo) gives the game a fun touch by moon-walking and dancing as a way of celebrating the players’ wins. In the event of a big win, Gonzo collects money for the player with his hat held out. Looking at the game’s colour palette, it is nothing short of attractive. The jungle setting in which the adventure takes place is well reflected in the bold colours of the game.

Gonzo’s Quest Play


While Gonzo’s Quest may be one of NetEnt’s ground-breaking products, that does not mean the game is difficult to play. Getting started with this slot is simple, and there is no complexity when it comes to the rules. All the pay lines (20) are active, and players can choose from the incredibly adjustable coin values and bet levels. Being a NetEnt slot, Gonzo’s Quest comes with an autoplay feature, which saves players the effort of having to repeatedly click “Spin” between rounds. With this option, a player can simply specify the number of spins they want and leave the rest of the work for the software. Also provided are advanced settings, which make it possible for gamers to determine in advance when the auto spins should stop. It could be when the player’s balance decreases to a certain amount, when the player wins, among other conditions. Thus, there is absolutely nothing complicated about Gonzo’s Quest play.

NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest Slot on Mobile

As with any NetEnt slot game, Gonzo’s quest comes in two formats: the desktop and the mobile formats. The latter can be played on virtually all types of mobile devices, whether tablet or smartphone. It is pleasing to note that regardless of the format one chooses to play, the game’s excitement remains the same across all platforms. From immersive audio and detailed graphics to exciting animations and bonus features, the two versions of Gonzo’s Quest have a lot of parallels to ensure that none of them is lesser than the other. Additionally, the possibility of adjusting the bet levels and coin values is not a preserve of the desktop players. Gamers on the go are also allowed to do that, however small their screen may be.

Closing Thoughts

Renowned for its superb features and outstanding gameplay, Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best-known slots in the NetEnt slots library. From great features such as free falls and avalanche to increasing multipliers and mobile compatibility, this slot game immerses casino players like no other. The symbols fall and explode with wins as the exciting graphics, animations, and soundtracks accompany players during the gameplay. NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot is certainly one of the most played online slots indeed.