NetEnt Dead or Alive Slot

While NetEnt is known for producing some of the most interesting slot games out there, the firm’s Dead or Alive slot is one of those products that continues to pull crowds to online casinos. This video slot is not only designed for casino enthusiasts who want to step back in time and tread the adventurous routes of the Wild West, but it also fits the bill for players who are looking to make real money from online casino gambling. In fact, a quick search on YouTube pops up dozens of success stories of players who have made a fortune out of this game. From the time it was rolled out (2009), Dead or Alive has been setting and breaking its own records in terms of popularity. And while some video slots have come and gone, this NetEnt product has remained relevant for well over a decade now. In this game, there are nine paylines, five reels, and three rows, via which players can access the sheriff.


Background and Theme

Dead or Alive’s mesmerising sound effects and fascinating graphics, as well as its Wild West theme, ensure that players are treated to a rewarding experience. Players here are greeted with an impression of a ghost town with empty homes. Yes, the homes are empty because the locals are running away from the violent bandits who are trying to disrupt the normal order. The sheriff is doing everything he can to restore order in the town, while gunslingers are meeting curvaceous women and drinking whiskey in the company of cowboys. With nine paylines, the Dead or Alive slot presents abundant winning opportunities for players, whether experienced or novice. Besides the slot’s appealing thematic trip, players will also appreciate its attention to detail.

In-Built Features

While NetEnt’s Dead or Alive slot does not top the charts when it comes to features, this video slot does contain some interesting features to keep players well entertained as they spin the reels. There is the ‘Wanted’ poster to watch out for; which represents the slot’s wild symbol. The symbol comes up on all five reels of the game, helping players to craft symbol combinations that will bag them a win.

dead-or-aliveThe bonus spins round is perhaps the greatest of all the slot’s features. At least three symbols of the game must come up for any player to trigger this feature. During the gameplay, players should always be on the lookout for the crossed pistols, as that is what signifies the bonus. The bonus spins simply mean that players are awarded a limited number of times to spin the reels without putting any of their money on the line. The icing on the cake is the double pay-out attached to all the winning combinations associated with the bonus spins. Thus, players can boost their bankroll significantly if they pull a winning combination from Dead or Alive’s bonus spins.

The sticky wilds are yet another feature that the game lovers will find interesting. This feature is triggered by the bonus spins round, and it stays around as long as the bonus is there; hence, it is sticky. The benefit? Well, landing all the sticky wilds on all the game’s five reels triggers some extra bonus spins. To get a win, players are required to land one or more wild lines.

Objective and Gameplay

As the sheriff cracks down on the bandits, in a bid to restore order in his town, he definitely needs some help in order to achieve that objective. That help is the main role of the game players, who are required to leave with as wealthy rewards as possible. Yes, the gameplay may seemingly be boring, especially in the beginning, but as the action continues to unfold, it gets more and more interesting. Thus, the Dead or Alive slot is one of those games that call for patience if players are to get the best experience. And when the time for a big win to roll in comes, it soon dawns on the player that it was worthy sticking around. At the push of a button, the player may have their bankroll significantly multiplied. Thus, those players who are vigilant and persistent will prevail at the end of it all. Sharp senses would be an asset too.

To play the Dead or Alive slot, players need to set their bets first. This involves choosing the type of bet they want to place and spinning the reels. For players who don’t want to manually press the ‘Play’ button every time, they can make use of the ‘Autoplay’ feature, which makes it possible to automatically set the reels in motion. That’s how simple it is.

Dead-or-Alive-slotTips to Win at Dead or Alive

The lucrative wins associated with this video slot are perhaps what make the game so popular. And while it is a game of chance, just like other slot games, that does not mean that there is nothing players can do to influence the outcome of the gameplay. For instance, it is advisable for players who want massive wins to place maximum wagers on every single round. It is also essential for players to understand the game’s pay table so they can become familiar with the symbol combinations that can result in big wins.

Final Thoughts

Dead or Alive is one of NetEnt’s oldest products, yet remains one of the most played video slots to date. In fact, not many latest releases can be mentioned in the same breath as this iconic game. And it is surprising to find that the game still commands deserved respect from modern casino players, despite its decade-long existence. With many slot games struggling to stand the test of time, it is fair to say that Dead or Alive is a true classic, full of timeless thrill and excitement. For players who are after hitting the big money, this game is an obvious pick. Thus, as long as online casinos are alive and kicking, this video slot is sure to stand against other players’ favourites.